Lisa Levasseur [ Canada ]
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Lives and Works in Valemount, Canada    
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I am moved by the actions, history and events that shape mankind or anything that elevates the spirit. It can be the simplest of things or the most horrifying. Often it’s experiencing the adventure or beauty nature has to offer and it is definitely in the connection that I have with animals. It translates into all this energy, which I can express in a positive way through my artwork; I only hope it inspires the same passion, love and hope in others.(LJ Levasseur)

1. Bubblegum Alley, 2014 acrylic on canvas 48x24 in | 121,5x60,5 cm

2. Clownfish, 2010 acrylic on canvas 16x20 in | 40,5x50,5 cm

  US$ 1,200.00

3. Crazy Insane, 2010 acrylic on canvas 12x9 in. | 30,5x22,5 cm., Sold


4. Diamonds 'n Frills, 2010 acrylic on canvas 16x20 in | 40,5x50,5 cm


5. Endless Nights, 2011 acrylic on canvas 16x24 in | 40,5x60,5 cm


6. Eye of the Storm, 2012 acrylic on canvas 30x24 in |76,5x60,5 cm


7. Firestorm, 2016 acrylic on canvas 24x36 in | 60,5x91,5 cm


8.Mountains Crumbled Sea, 2011 acrylic on canvas 16x20 in | 40,5x50,5 cm


9. New York Bash, 2010 acrylic on canvas 16x20 in | 40,5x50,5 cm


10.Oil'n Water, 2012 acrylic on canvas 30x18 in |76,5x45,5 cm


11. Take Another Piece, 2011 acrylic on canvas 16x20 in | 40,5x50,5 cm


12. Wheels of Change, 2013 acrylic on canvas 24x36 in | 60,5x91,5 cm




















Canadian Canadian born business woman, Lisa J Levasseur, began painting 2010 and quickly emerged an artist. Featured in magazines, books & exhibitions as an International Contemporary Modern Art Master. She has become known as creator of a new art form called PaletteArtTM. A special process using recycled paint to form 3D sculptured paintings unlike anything seen before. Also noted for her range of artwork & natural talent in different mediums. Now teaching this method, her goal is to create new recycled paint products & opportunities in the art world ( part of World Wide Art Environmental Pavilion in LA, the International Landfill Arts Project and receiving International Noto Award - Unesco Heritage. Winning International Contemporary Modern Art awards with 2015 exhibitions at Art Expo-NY, Red Dot & Spectrum Miami, Scotland and Italy. She offers other artists the chance to be featured PaletteARTists (

Lisa runs Terracana Ranch Resort, living somewhat divorced from society in Canada’s remote rocky moun- tain wilderness. It is the perfect creative setting, where she invites these artists to learn PaletteArt offering sponsorship, lessons, residencies & art retreats. Her focus is on promoting green tourism and inspiring artists to recycle paint at Lisa also hosts Rocky Mountain Art Tours, a self guided tour through the National Parks, which attract millions of tourists every year. This gives her the opportunity to socialize with guests from all over the world and many walks of life.

She's intrigued by how people's perception is altered by different experiences in life and loves sharing her natural surroundings (

With spectacular views from the art studio, Lisa is inspired by how light changes one's perspective of things. She is motivated to paint things from these different perspectives and bring to light their true nature. Her work can be seen in public and private collections around the world including Jasper National Park Museum & Unesco Heritage (