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Lynda Elliott is a life long New Hampshire resident. As a young girl she loved to draw, and at the age of ten, she was encouraged to take private lessons with a local artist. Her studies were in pencil, charcoal, pastel and pen & ink. The subjects were still life and figure, some nudes. Her photography began with a Graphics course in High School. She went on to earn an Associates degree in Graphic Arts. The degree led her to a field in the printing industry. Her successful twelve-year career as a cameraman and journeyman stripper involved film processes and assembly in the pre-press department for various commercial printers. Computer technology gradually crept in and eliminated the use of film along with her position. Lynda decided to enroll in a Certificate Program for Graphic Design. She took an interest in digital photography, merging her newly acquired computer skills to create colorful and unique digital art. Many of her creations are abstract and unhindered by limitations, due to the new medium. The results have been numerous awards, encouragement from other artists, solo and group exhibits, TV and newspaper interviews, sales of her artwork and recent acceptance into the League of New Hampshire Craftsman.

1.Pray for Peace, 2005 Digital Duotone Composite Matted & Framed Limited Edition Ink Jet Print 15x17 in.
US$ 250

2.Terminal Voltage, 2005 Altered Digital Photograph Matted & Framed Limited Edition Ink Jet Print 17x15 in.
US$ 250

3.The Committee, 2005 Altered Digital Photograph Matted & Framed Limited Edition Ink Jet Print 15x15 in.
US$ 250

4.Undreamt, 2005 Altered Digital Photographs Matted & Framed Limited Edition Ink Jet Print 15x17 in.
US$ 250








My current medium is digital photography & digital art. The digital art is created, by applying various filters and techniques in Adobe Photoshop, to my original digital photographs. My subjects of interest vary greatly and are sometimes unusual and colorful, or simple and beautiful. My work includes self-portraits that are transformed into fantasy characters and most recently, vibrant, abstract art. I prefer natural lighting and dramatic contrast in my work. My moods, interests, experiences and imagination influence my creations. Experience has taught me that beauty has a lot to do with attitude and perception. I feel privileged when I can recognize it, whether it's in front of me, or in my mind. I love getting lost in expressing what is already there, unseen or dreamed.

“If surrealist Salvador Dali and photographer Ansel Adams went on a psychedelic spree, the result might remind you of the edgy work of Manchester digital artist Lynda Elliott.” The New Hampshire Sunday News Manchester, NH By Carol Robidoux

“One of the most striking aspects of Elliott's work, whether it's posed shots, candid shots, or abstract digital imagery, is her unique perspective. Her unusual camera angles, attention to light, and slightly askew composition make her work eye grabbing.” Hippo Press Manchester, NH, byMichelle Saturley