Stefan Fiedorowicz [ Austria ]
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1. A Dance Between Love and Fear, 2015 oil on canvas 70x70x7cm.
  US $ 2,100.00

2. Breaking Away From It All, 2010 oil on canvas 80x80x7cm.,

  US $ 2,300.00

3.  Your Shadow Still Lingers Here, 2012 oil on canvas 80x80x7cm.,

  US $ 2,300.00

4. Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid, 2014 oil on canvas 80x80x7cm.,

  US $ 2,300.00

5. La Difference Entre Vous et Moi, 2012 oil on canvas 100x50x7cm.,

  US $ 2,200.00

6. One Of A Kind Just Like You, 2015 oil on canvas 70x70x7cm.,

   US $ 2,100.00.

7.  Silence Hearing Itself, 2010 oil on canvas 50x50x3cm.,

  US $ 1,200.00

8. Temptation, 2013 oil on canvas 80x80x7cm.,

  US $ 2,300.00

9. Fragrance of Jasmine in a Spring Breeze, 2012 oil on canvas 100x50x7cm.,

  US $ 2,200

10. There's A Wrecking Ball Outside Her Door, 2015 oil on canvas 70x70x7cm.,

  US $ 2,100.00

11. What If Chance Cast A Spell And We Met, 2016 oil on canvas 100x70x7cm.,

  US $ 2,900.00.




















Born Stefan Fiedorowicz, a Canadian now residing in Vienna Austria has amassed a most impressive resume with shows spreading out from Canada, United States and Europe. Fiedorowicz's work has often been compared to following the notable style of lyrical abstraction, a term meaning an opening to personal expression.
“The emotion in my work comes from somewhere deep down, and can speak to the inner part of each person... My work is intuitive; color is the language that I use to express an emotion. It is the interaction of colour that interests me.”

His shapes and lines infuse his paintings with a richly exotic symbolism of style. There is purpose and psychology to his work, conveying a sense of confidence from a broad spectrum of experience. His compositions can be compared to musical arrangements where strong contrasts are blended and with a remarkable sense of harmony and variances.

Fiedorowicz’s distinction as a modern painter is in his grace and amplitude in creating works that are engaging and powerful: They make more than a mark - they make a statement generating alluring and fascinating canvases.

Canada Meets Wien-Mitte,Kunstraum, Vienna Austria,2016
International Exhibition, Aurum Museum, Pescara, Italy, 2015,
Mödlingerkunstbund, Mödling Meets Canada, Nov 2014
Galerie Steiner, Vienna, Austria, March 2013
World of Art Venice, October 2011, Venice, Italy
Grand Palais 2011 in Paris, France from March 31, 2011 – April 3, 2011.
Galerie Kandinsky, Vienna, Austria, Essence Beyond Form, Dec 2010
Mooch Art Gallery, Manchester UK, Irrefutable Consequences April 2010
Atelier3A Vienna, March 2009
Galerie Kandinsky Dec 2008 Solo Exhibition Vienna, Austria
Parhamerplatz Dec 2008, Vienna, Austria
St. Dogmaeles Gallery, Wales, UK 2008
International Gallery, Hamburg, Germany 2008
Schloss Fischau Galerie, Bad Fischau, Austria "The Canadian
Connection", August 2007
Eggspace, "Illuminate” August 2007, Liverpool,UK
Portico Gallery, Manchester, UK March 1 to March 29th, 2007
Almiro Gallery, Liverpool, UK Solo Exhibition Feb-March 2007
Ars Nova Die Galerie & Wenisch, Innsbruck, Austria 2006
Sargfabrik Vienna, Austria, Dec 2006 RECENT PAINTINGS
Galerie Lackner Wiener Neustadt, Austria, Dec 2006
Ars Nova Die Galerie & Wenisch, "Das Primat der Farbe" Innsbruck, Austria,Nov 2006
Agora Gallery, New York City, USA Oct 2006
Galerie Claudiana, Innsbruck, Austria, SOLO EXHIBITION 2006
Blyth Gallery, Manchester, UK 2006
Galerie Heinrich, Vienna, Austria 2005
Rendezvous Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, 2005
Cunliffe House,Solo Exhibition, Kamloops B.C. Canada,2004.
Main Street Gallery, Sidney BC, Canada 2004