Stephen Linsteadt [ USA ]

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Born in Ukiah, California in 1956, the oldest of three brothers. Inspired by his artistic father, Stephen received his first award in painting at age 14 and a scholarship award from the Indian Wells Valley Art League. His greatest influence came from Marjorie Hyde, the head of the Grossmont College Art Department, who introduced him to abstract expressionism and guided his work towards a deeper reflection of is inner feelings and inspiration. He went on to earn his bachelor's of fine arts degree with honors at California State University, Long Beach and subsequently studied at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. He spent ten more years in the New York area before returning to Southern California. Stephen's paintings continue to be expressionistic in technique while reliant, in part, on form and symbolism inspired by C. G. Jung's alchemical transformation and Eastern Philosophy. His interest in quantum physics has broadened his work to include inspiration from the mathematics that seeks to explain the energy forces that govern our physical world.His paintings reflect the interconnecting energy that is the foundation of who we are and challenges our perception of the nature of our true selves.

1.Quantum Still Life #15, 2006 oil on canvas 36x36 inches
US$ 3,200

2.Quantum Still Life #14, 2005 oil on canvas 60x48 inches
US$ 4,800

3.VQ Perception #22, 2005 oil on canvas 40x30 inches
US$ 3,200

4.Quantum Perception #16, 2006mixed media 36x36 inches
US$ 3,200