Vanessa KATZ [ USA ]
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Lives and Works in Palm Desert, California US

Painting is a feast of many senses for me and I love so many aspects of creating different works. The color and viscosity, the feel of the paint, the texture between my fingers, the feel of the brush, the luminosity or the darkness, the noise of the palette knife scraping or the splashing, spraying and moving of paint and water. This is what creating is about to me - fun, playing, laughing, crying, rejoicing, allowing, celebrating and hopefully being able to contribute to others.
1. Rhapsody in Blue 2, 2013 Acrylic and powdered pigments 22 x 30 in.
  US$ 795.00

2. Counted, 2013 Acrylic 40x30 in.
  US$ 2,700.00

3. Rising, 2013 Acrylic 24x35 in.
  US$ 1,900.00

4. Urban, 2013 Acrylic and Ink 60x48 in.
  US$ 6,000.00

5. Light and Dusk, 2013 Acrylic and Gold Leaf 24x36 in.
  US$ 1,700.00








I was born in England and attended The Putney School of Art in London. In 1998 my husband, daughter and I made the big move from London to Palm Desert, California where I now reside and have my studio within my home. Having lived in England most of my life I really now enjoy and appreciate the weather here in the desert - getting up with the sunshine. The sunlight makes colors so vibrant and alive and makes me feel the same way. The sunshine, painting and my family and doggies feed my soul!! As well as good food and wine of course!!

Solo Exhibition - The Da Vinci Exhibit - Los Angeles 2011
Solo Exhibition - Old Town Wine Cellar - June 2010
Palm Springs Art Museum - Exhibition May 2010 - Juried Selection
Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss any of the pieces.