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Lives and Works in Brazil    

Born in Meina, 1935 (Italy), of a Brazilian mother and Italian father, lives in Brazil since 1945, Brazilian by option. Started in painting with Yolando Mohaíyi (1950) and Karl Platter (1953), in engraving with Livio Abramo (1954). In 1956, she was a scholar of Ingrain Merrill Foundation (1956), and at Columbia University New York (1957-1958). In 1960, she became a member of the metal engraving workshop at The Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, with Johnny Friedlaender and founded the "Estudio Gravura', with Livio Abramo, where they worked in Sao Paulo until 1964. AWARDS 1999 -The 1st International Spring Annual, Art Addiction /Palazzo Correr, Venice Italy, Gold Medal; 1997 - 42nd Edition Prize for National Visual Arts, Engraving, Santista Foundation, Brazil; 1979 - Art Crifids Association, Critics' Grand Prix, Sao Paulo, Brazil; 1971 - Museum of Modem Art in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Award Engraving (id. 1987); 1969 - VIII International Biennial of Engraving, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, Acquisition; 1968 - XXIII Fine Arts Exhibit of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, Grand Prix; 1967 - V Paris Biennial, France, Theodoran Engraving Award; 1966 - VIII Modem Art Exhibit, Brasilia, Federal District, Best National Engraving; 1966 - VIll Sao Paulo Biennial, Brazil, Best National Engraving; 1960 - IX Modem Art Exhibit, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Silver Medal.

US$ 790 [each]

2. Talia 5/20, 20x20 cm./ 8x8 in., woodcut, 1999
US$ 490

Tempestade 18/20, 20x20 cm./ 8x8 in., woodcut, 1999
US$ 1990

Port Royal 5/20, 20x20 cm./ 8x8 in., woodcut, 1999
US$ 4990















She is represented in the collection of the Public Library, New York, Museum of Modem Art, New York, Vaticon Museum, Rome, Senate in Brasilia; Museum of Modem Art, Sao Paulo, Galerie SuchhoL,, Munich; Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art, 8ezalel Museum, Jerusalem, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, National Museum of Art, Rio de Joneiro; Albertina, Vienna, in the Collections Rockefeller, Klabin, Maksoud, Niomar Bittencourt, Vera Lofer, José Mindlin.



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1998 - Mural in concrete relief "Construction of the City of Sao Paulo", Subway Company of Sao Paulo - METRO, Jardim SAo Paulo Station, Brazil; 1997 -"Pages', engraved aluminium sculpture, State Archive, Sao Paulo, Brazil; "Passage Through Image", Art and Nature Project, Sao Paulo, Brazil; 1996 - "Metempsychosis", 1st Brahma Reciclarte, Botany Garden, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (id. 1998, Sao Paulo); 1992 - 'Angel", monument in stone and engraved bronze, Sao Paulo, Brazil; 1991 - Ephemeral sculpture "EX", Public Park of Coc6, Fortafeza, Ceaffi, Brazil; 1989 - Mural 'Future Memory" in ground relief at the Latin American Memorial, Congressmen Pavillion, Arch. Oscar Niemeyer, Sao Paulo, Brazil; 1987 - Mural in concrete at the Sudameris Bank, Arch. G. Gasperini, Sao Paulo, Brazil; 1984 - Mural in concrete and copper, Banco Exterior da Espanha, Arch. J. Grarnham Yahez, Santiago, Chile; 1979 - Two murals in concrete at the Maksoud Plaza Hotel, Sao Paulo, Brazil; 1976 - Two murals in concrete at the Esporte Clube Sido and external wall at the Jorge Rizkallah Jorge building, Arch. S. Bussab, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Triptych relief at the "Mae do Salvador' church, Arch. Joaquim Barreto and Francisco Segnini, Sao Paulo, Brazil.