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The encounter with Raul Mora's canvases cannot stay just in a sole moment of observation. His colors and forms find winding ways to get into our senses and pores, to run into our veins, to touch and finally be attached to the story told during the spans of loneliness. If it is true that nothing of what we capture from the outside can pass by unnoticed by the subconscious, the work of the artist is a reiteration of that truth. It is not only the strokes nor the brushes, the crushing colors nor the unending themes. It is everything without mediating more explanation than that of the anxiety of the spirit willing to nurture itself from authenticity. The works are the reflection of the love which feeds them. The force of it's vocation makes Raul Mora to consider painting as a drug, the more you discover it the more you want it. It happens in all those activities one loves. (Blanca Sevilla)


1. SON PARA TI ( I Brought You These ) 2001 MIXED MEDIA 80 X 80 CM. / 31½ x 31½ in
  US$ 12,900

100 X 100 CM / 40 x 40 in

  US$ 19,900

3. Escenario (Stage), 1999 Oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm / 40 x 40 in.
  US$ 12,900

4. SUENAN LAS TROMPETAS (Sound The Trumpets), 2000 OIL ON CANVAS,100 X 100 CM / 40 x 40 in.
  US$ 12,900

5.BAILARINA DORADA (Ballerina In Gold) 2001 Mixed Media. 80 x 80 cm / 31½ x 31½ in
  US$ 12,900

6. FUERZA (Force), 2001 OIL ON CANVAS 100 X 100 CM / 40 x 40 in.
  US$ 12,900










Painting for me is the means to interpret the beauty of nature, to capture an instant, the emotion of a face, the movement of the human form, the heights to which mankind can strive for, the peacefulness of scenery, the joy of a flower. Feelings and emotions all of the grandeur and majesty of Creation. My intention when painting is to transmit the joy of life; interpretations of beauty, emotions and feelings, through color, light and form.

Born in Mexico, he has lived in Mexico City most of his life. At present he lives in Malinalco, beautiful small town in Mexico, where he has his studio. Since his early childhood he started painting with teachers such as Grachene and José Bardasano. He was part of the studio of Dolores León de la Barra and worked materials techniques with Luis Nishizawa. The rest of his knowledge he has developed in a personal manner. He has had 15 one-man shows in Mexico, Germany and the United States. Among them are several sponsored by the Mexican top cultural government organizations ( Conaculta - National Council for Culture and the Arts, Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes - National Fund for Culture and the Arts, INBA - National Institute of Fine Arts, Instituto de Cultura de Tabasco - Cultural Institute of the State of Tabasco, Instituto Mexiquense de Cultura - Cultural Institute of the State of Mexico),and the El Paso Arts Resources Department, of El Paso, Texas, and Schloss Liebenstein, in Stuttgart, Germany. His last one-man show was in Chicago, Illinois, at La Llorona Art Gallery. In January 2000 he shows his work at The Centennial Museum at El Paso, Texas. For many years his art has formed part of more than 60 group exhibitions in the most important forums in Mexico City, including the Museo Rufino Tamayo, as well as in several cities throughout Mexico, in addition to countries such as the United States, Sweden, Spain, France and Switzerland. Raul participates in December 2000 at "Vetrina Internazionale degli Artisti Latino Americani" in Florene, Italy. Numerous publications have made reference to his art work, among which are several editions of International Auction Records, of Paris, Art Sales Index, of London, Directory of the Plastic Arts, of Mexico, the 1999 Arts Calendar, published by the City of El Paso Arts Resources Department, and magazines such as Hola, of Madrid, Mundo Ejecutivo, of Mexico, Otoño Musical 1994, of Mexico, Arte al Día Internacional, of Buenos Aires, and books Presencia de Arte Mexicano en Europa and El Arte a Precio de Martillo 1977-1995. Most recently World of Art 2000, published in Sweden in December 1999.