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Lives and Works in USA    
1. Isadora Douncan, 1999 dye on cotton, 37 x 27 in
US$ 2990

Slovakian spring Dance, 1999 dye on cotton, 33 x 25 in
US$ 2990

African Spinning Dance, 1999 dye on velvet, 31 x 24 IN
US$ 2900

4 .
Native American Spirit Dance, 1999 dye on velvet, 37 x 27 in.
US$ 2990

5 .Stile USa 1920's Charleston Dance, 1999 dye on cotton
28 x 27 in

US$ 1990













Betty Rees Heredia has exhibited sculpture in bronze, wood, marble, cement with glass, and papier mache. She has also exhibited watercolor paintings, etchings, lithographs, woodcut prints and dye on fabric wall hangings. STUDIED: Tyler School of Fine Arts, Temple University, UCLA, San Francisco State University; Pietra Santa, Italy, Urbino, Italy; Bachelor Fine Arts, Antioch, University; Workshops, Richard Diebenkorn, Alex Nepote. TEACH: Painting and drawing at the Pacific Grove Art Center. Formerly taught sculpture in clay, wax and bronze casting techniques, mold making, carving in wood and marble at the Arts and Crafts Center, Ft. Ord, California