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Densely and softly, hues of color cover the surface of the paper. Several sheets are spread over the floor. Strange and soft volumes and spaces emerge and come to life often two colors predominate which then expands into a multitude of nuanced shades. Although the works begin as abstract shapes they are still suggesting reminiscences of landscapes whose color fields merge to form some nameless bodies. Even though the artist works spontaneously and intuitively, the individual brush strokes do not appear as mere expressive gestures concentrating solely on themselves. White plays an important role. On the one hand, as an independent color, it influences the creation of the image, but on the other, it breaks though strong color fields and intensifies the illusion of space in the painting. Francisca Saegesser fervently draws marks into the still wet layer of paint. This fundamentally changes the work: the lowest paint layer, or the color of the plain paper, shines through to the surface. The artist works toward this moment full of risks but also with great satisfaction. Finally, when the artist is installing the works on the wall, one by one, she scrutinizes them, selects, and in doing so, creates the particular unique work. (Marianne Burki)

1. FS-01-155, MIXED MEDIA
20 x 20 cm. / 8 X 8 IN. 

  US$ 1,200

2. FS-01-153, MIXED MEDIA
20 x 20 cm. / 8 X 8 IN. 

  US$ 1,200

3.  FS-01-147, MIXED MEDIA
20 x 20 cm. / 8 X 8 IN. 

  US$ 1,200

4. FS-01-151, MIXED MEDIA
20 x 20 cm. / 8 X 8 IN. 

  US$ 1,200

5. FS-00-202, MIXED MEDIA 63 x 90 cm. / 25 X 35 IN
  US$ 5,900

6. FS-01-135, MIXED MEDIA
48 x 36 cm. / 19 X 14 IN. 

  US$ 6,200











1953 born in San Francisco, California USA
1960-73 schools in Berne, Switzerland
1976 Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Redlands, California
1976-80 Polytechnic School of Zurich (Mechanical Engineer)
Since 1981 artist painter
1981 workshop in California USA
1996 /97 residences in Barcelona Spain
1997 workshop, Vitra Design Museum, Boisbuchet, France (Pascual Salvador) lives in Switzerland

1998 1999 2000 Art Addiction Internet Art Museum
1998 1999 Art Diary / International Art Directory
2000 WORLD of ART -contemporary art magazine and world art directory- 1st issue

1996 ”Honourable Mention” 2nd International Female Artist’s Art Exhibition, Stockholm Sweden
1997 “Certificate of Merit” t International Female Artist’s Miniature Show, Stockholm Sweden 1998 “Diploma of Excellence”, Better world for our children, Stockholm Sweden
2001 “Diploma of Excellence”, 2nd Spring Annual, Venice Italy
2002 “Diploma of Excellence”, ~ International Annual of Miniature Show Stockholm

one woman exhibitions
1982 Galerie zum Hof, Kirchberg Switzerland
1983 Hotel Adula, Flims Switzerland
1983 Galerie Poseidon, Zurich Switzerland
1983 Schuster, Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich Switzerland
1988 Galerie Peter Noser, Zurich Switzerland
1988 Stefan Au, Thun Switzerland
1989 Gaierie Peter Noser, Zurich Switzerland
1991 Smith Andersen Gallery, Palo Alto, CA USA
1992 Galerie Jeannette Catrina, Oetwil a.S. Switzerland
1993 Stefan Au, Thun Switzerland
1995 Stefan All, Thun Switzerland
1995 Galerie Jeannette Catrina, Oetwil a.S. Switzerland
1996 Galerie zur alten Schmiede, Uettligen Switzerland
1998 Gaterie Ruth Allemann, Zurich Switzerland
1999 Galerie ,”Zah ringer”, Berne Switzerland
2001 Espai Blanc, Barcelona Spain


group exhibitions
1976 Pepper’s Art Gallery, Redlands, CA USA
1984 Freies Gymnasium, Berne Switzerland
1987 Galerie Peter Noser, Zurich Switzerland
1988 Art 19’88, Basel Switzerland

1988 Galerie Peter Noser, Zurich Switzerland
1989 Gaierle Peter Noser, Zurich Switzerland
1989 Art 20’89, Basel Switzerland
1989 Kunstszene Zurich Switzerland
1993 Kunstszene Zurich Switzerland
1994 Art Addiction, Stockholm, Sweden
1994 “candlesticks”, Zurich Switzerland
1995 Art Addiction, Stockholm, Sweden

1995 “candlesticks”, Zurich Switzerland

1995 ”angels”, G. alte Schmiede, Uettligen Switzerland

1995 Galerie Jeannette Catrina, Oetwil a.S. Zurcher lnventar Switzerland
1997 Gallery Marta Dimitresco, Stockholm Sweden
1997 Art Addiction, Stockholm Sweden
2001 Spring Annual Venice Italy
2002 Kunst-Forum, Meisterschwanden
2001 /02 Miniature Art Exhibition Stockholm Sweden
2003 Christmas exhibition, Oomzale Slovenia
2003 Studio Seret Roma Italy
2003 Ban Fiera de Levante Italy
2003 L1instituto comprensivo Palombini Roma Italy
2003  “dialogo”, Ortona Italy
2003 Kunst-Forum, Meisterschwanden Switzerland

2003 Sharjah International Art Biennial, UAE


2000 Member AAIAA, The Art Addiction International Art Association