Akhmedov Zakir, Azerbaijan    

1.EUROPA, 2002 bronze 37x35x12 cm. US$10,000    2.Joung Girl, 2003.yea bronze 60x41x15 cm, US$5,500    3.Later, 2000 bronze 65x40x23 cm, US$15,000    4.The sitting lover, 2002.bronza 45x45x40 cm, US$17,000    5.Love, 2002 bronze 45x45x40 cm, US$15,000    6.Modern mode, 2002 bronze 110x42x25 cm, US$18,000    7.MOMENT, 2002 bronze 50x17x15 cm, US$7,500    8.Morning, 1997 bronze 43x1515 cm, US$4,000    9.Retro, 2005 bronze 60x35x15 cm, US$12,000    10.Seven beautiful, 2005 bronze 80x48x30 cm, US$30,000    11.Stars, 2005bronze 65x54x24 cm, US$5,500    12.Summer, 2010 bronze 40x25x20 cm, US$3,500   


















































Akhmedov Zakir - sculptor,  born1955 in Baku, Azerbaijan. 1982 - 1988 trained at the Azerbaijan University Iskustv, faculty of a sculpture. Since1988 Akhmedov Zakir is a member of the USSR Artists Union and of the Azerbaijan Artists Union.  The artist participated in many national and international exhibitions including  Russia, Germany, France, England, Poland, Finland, Africa, Singapore, USA, Turkey and other countries. Akhmedov works are in private individual and corporate collections worldwide.