Hayden Bone, AUSTRALIA                 

1.Balisto, 2009 Mixed media 90x90 cm., US$ 1,500.00   2.Distorted Reality, 2012 Mixed media 60x76 cm., US$ 1,200.00   3.Incomplete, 2011 Mixed media 90x120 cm., US$ 1,200.00   4.Pose, 2013 Mixed media 200x70 cm., US$ 1,800.00 5.Relax, 2012 Mixed media 120x75 cm., US$ 1,500.00   6.Waiting, 2007 Mixed media 120x40 cm., US$ 1,200.00   7.What to do, 2007 Mixed media 70x70 cm., US$ 1,200.00   8.Zealous, 2004 Mixed media 150x90 cm., US$ 1,800.00
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Hayden Bone is a professional Australian artist specializing in contemporary art for private and commercial clients. Hayden is completely self taught mastering his skills through exploration and experimentation on a range of mediums. Hayden has emerged as one of Australia's innovative contemporary artists developing concepts such as ART OUT - a weather resistant canvas suitable for display in exterior applications. Hayden's art is an exciting blend of contemporary and abstract style utilizing explosive textures and mediums in his typically geometric designs. Hayden's art is perfectly in tune with today's modern architecture combining colors and designs to harmonies with their environment.