Jeff Ibbo Denmark    

1.Arabella, 2011 oil on masonite 90x65 cm. euro 500    2.Arabella, 2011 oil on canvas 90x65 cm. euro 2000    3.Arabella, 2011 oil on masonite 90x65 cm. euro 500    4.Chu hae, 2011 oil on masonite 100x80 cm. euro 700

















Jeff Ibbo´s paintings are kind of rough figurative in fight with naturalism, also a touch of surrealistic .Naive Female and male portraits and pure fantastic motives was in his universe. The colors and contour lines are strong, firm and momentary glad. Development has gone towards simpler lines and forms , but originally signs is still seen. From 1992 up to this day he has worked sculpture in clay parallel with the oil model painting .Always with the model in sight but in a rather free style. Since the eighties, drawings with both hands at same time, discovered that the left hand is “looking better, than the right.