Marian Hara. ROMANIA    

1.FEMALE 1, 2007 mixed media on unconventional base 100x200 cm., Euro 2,500.00.  2.FEMALE 2, 2007 mixed media on unconventional base 100x200 cm., Euro 2,500.00.   3.FEMALE 6, 2013 OIL ON CANVAS 70X50 CM., Euro 600.00.   4.FEMALE 8, 2013 OIL ON CANVAS 70X50 CM., Euro 800.00.   5.FEMALE 9, 2013 OIL ON CANVAS 70X50 CM., Euro 600.00.   6.LADY WITH YELLOW HELMET, 2013 OIL ON CANVAS 70X50 CM., Euro 1,000.00.   5.GODDESS, 2013 OIL ON CANVAS 100X70 CM., Euro 1,200.00.   6.THE GODDESS, 2013 OIL ON CANVAS 100x70 cm., Euro 1,200.00.
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STATEMENT: Approaching art in particular by drawing. I translate ideas, primarily in the drawings, which make whatever support that I have at hand: paper, cardboard, pieces of packaging. Then, some of them I transpose on canvas. But there are pieces drawn directly on canvas, depending on the state and inspiration of the moment. Early childhood issues relate to animals and humans. Topics artistic maturity refers mainly to two main themes: woman, as seen in different cultures: idealized woman, the woman object, the woman mother, a woman slave, and the problem of Time, my attitude in front of the finitude of life.  Regarding the importance of art in the world, I agree with Pablo Picasso who said that” an artist's brush in hand is the strongest weapon”. Thus, art can express feelings of disapproval of what is wrong at a time of world-war example (see Guernica by Picasso). For me, art is important because it allows me to translate my own experiences and attitudes towards the world around us.

BIO: Born in Sighisoara, Romania, in 1977. He was fascinated to draw as a child and so he keep much of designs from the age of 10 during. In Gymnasium he attended a ceramics course where he did modeling in clay, with the theme of animals, people, portraits, wich keep them now. But after he has finished the courses of the agriculture profile College , he go to work several years in natural gas exploration, where explosives were used, and death was at every step. The possibility art career came later, when University of Art Cluj opened College and later opened a branch in the town of Sighisoara, close to the village where he live. Then he completed his artistic studies with master in fine art. Their artworks are first inspired by world culture and mythology, (Ex. Female) and also, by his life experiences. (Ex. Time, inspired by his own limit experiences in work of the natural gas exploration). He live and work in a small village near town Sighisoara, Romania.

2010 - 2012 Master, Art of Painting, University of Art and Design Cluj - Romania
2007 - 2010 Faculty of Fine Arts, Art of Painting, University of Art and Design Cluj - Romania
2004 - 2007 College of Fine Arts and Design Sighişoara - Romania

Solo: 2013, November, 4-17, Rome-Italy, at Colezionista Galery, Expo intitled “Female”
- Itinerant group exhibition “12 Great International Prize of Arte 2013” of the Association International Gallery “Il Colezionista” Rome-Italy, in Rome (Gallery Colezionista) - Milan (Museum of Arte and Science) - Helsinki (Ava Gallery) - Berlin ( Gallery Pinna)
- Group exhibition of the University of Art and Design Cluj-Romania, at Expo Transilvania - Cluj July 2012
- Miniature art show & competition „Merry Christmas”, Gallery 4 Allarts, Liverpool, December, 2009
- Group exhibition of National Association of Artists - Fine Arts - Tîrgu-Mureş „ Winter Saloon”, December 2009, 2010, 2011
- Group exhibition of the Professional Association "Alma Mater Castrum VI” Sighisoara, April, 2009, 2010, 2011
- Students group exhibition in Sighişoara, February, 2008

In 2012- I.C.A Publishing, New York, International Contemporary Artist , vol. IV -
In 2013-STUDIO VISIT, Boston, USA, vol.21,
- „Revelations in Reality” , project by Creative Concept Inc New York
- Artisti Internationali 2013, by The Ass. International Gallery „Il Colezionista Roma”