Teri Levine USA    

1.Different Perspectives, oil on canvas 21x27 in. US$ 330    2.Salsa Dance, oil on canvas 30x40 in. SOLD    3.Reflecting in the Garden, oil on canvas 36x28 in. US$ 350    4.Relaxation, oil and acrylic on canvas 24x24 in. US$ 300

















Gauguin once wrote about color as the language of the listening eye, that which helps our imagination soar with inner power and mystery. From the beginning of my explorations, color has always been my driving interest, and the primary power in my work. By using oil and acrylic paints as my surface, I create paintings emphasizing color juxtapositions and interactions. The flow of color and line, shape and form become intricately interwoven as translucent and opaque layers of glaze are laid down. Each layer creates new forms that I respond to in making the painting. I strive to combine expressionism with cubism and yet make the paintings understandable to the art critic and casual viewer. My work speaks to the universal human tendency to appreciate beauty and to find meaning in abstraction. The appreciation of the beautiful is an essential aspect of humanity, and there is a positive, almost spiritual energy involved in experience of the beautiful. By working to make color and light dance, I choose to focus on that part of humanity which offers hope, light, and promise.

(Teri Levine)