BOOK FOR collectors and art lovers  

             Art ADDICTION - 100 Contemporary Artists
             collector limited edition

             Editor and publisher: Petru russu
             Hardcover 208 PAGES 8X6 IN /20X15 CM
             ISBN-13: 9789189685055



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Art Addiction:
100 Contemporary Artists


Art Addiction -100 Contemporary Artists from World of Art /Masters of Today Publishing in the series of Contemporary Artists in conjunction with Art Addiction Online  Gallery and World of Art (WOA) Contemporary Art Magazine.


Art Addiction: 100 Contemporary Artists” serves as a valuable resource for artists, galleries, museums, dealers, and art collectors. It offers an authoritative overview of contemporary art from the 1990s onwards. The book includes profiles of hundred artists representing 38 countries. These profiles provide insights into the art, personalities, and trends that shape today’s art world.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a professional in the art industry, this book provides a comprehensive look at contemporary artistic expression.











In the year 2002, Art Addiction Online Gallery celebrated its 10th anniversary of continuous online exhibitions. Building upon a decade of online art exposure, we expanded our enterprise by creating a prestigious, high-quality publication that would bring the works of Art Addiction artists and members into the tangible realm. This offest printed quality art book, titled “Art Addiction 100 Contemporary Artists,” marked a significant milestone as the first collective and collectible global art book in a series dedicated to contemporary artists.

The selection of artists and their works featured in the book was meticulously selected by Petru Russu, fine artits, the gallery founder and manager. Each artist included in “Art Addiction 100 Contemporary Artists” was granted either a one-page or two-page spread for their profile. This comprehensive artist profile encompassed:
🎨 Up to six representative works: These pieces showcased the artist’s creativity and vision.
🎨 Biography: A glimpse into the artist’s background, influences, and artistic journey.
🎨 Statement or critical essays: Insights into the artist’s artistic philosophy, techniques, and motivations.
🎨Artist photo: A visual representation capturing their essence.
The distribution of this remarkable art book extended far and wide. It reached several large bookstore chains internationally and within the USA, including prominent e-commerce channels such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Powell’s, Books-A-Million, Textbook,, and Blackwell. Art enthusiasts and collectors across the globe had access to this exquisite compilation.
Furthermore, as part of our ongoing commitment to connect collectors and artists, complimentary copies of the book were sent to galleries, museums, art fairs, cultural institutions, and to all those who had previously purchased artwork from Art Addiction.

“Art Addiction 100 Contemporary Artists” remains a testament to the vibrant world of contemporary art, preserving the creativity and passion of its featured artists for generations to come.


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