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On 6 August 1991 Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the first website.

In June 1992 Art Addiction Gallery launched the first-ever online art gallery on the www - the art addiction network at Art Addiction Online Gallery realized expeditiously that the traditional notion of viewing and buying art through galleries and exhibitions could be simplified by appropriating the Internet to redefine the traditional modus operandi concerning the display and purchase of art. By utilizing the Internet as a viewing space and virtual environment, Art Addiction the web gallery of art has become the definitive ‘Art-Creator to Art-Consumer’ arena,  a unique collaboration with some of the world's most acclaimed emerging and established fine artists. The Art Addiction virtual enterprise is operated exclusively by full-time professional graduate fine artists exclusively dedicated to bringing you cutting-edge contemporary art.  The Art Addiction art project quickly evolved into an efficacious on-line art marketing entity, an endeavor that has grown and flourished throughout the last two decades. By formalizing an on-line ‘business-of-art’ model, expenditures and overhead attributed to the sale of art have been slashed, commensurate with increased profitability for the associated artists. Being artists understanding the requirements of people involved in creative activities, Art Addiction has worked closely with his artists to engender several unique on-line expositions that have, over the last two decades, come to be recognized worldwide by the Internet community. During this process Art Addiction web gallery has established cogent liaisons within the global art-market network and has compiled an impressive database of artist clients. More than six thousand artists actively participate in Art Addiction virtual gallery undertaking, providing artworks for exhibition and potential sales.






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