medial 1. art biennial [2005]
  Ann Morris USA



1. WILL THERE BE A PLACE FOR ME?, 1994 Bronze 4’(h) x 4’(w) x 5’(d), Castings are in editions of five.   2. TRINITY, 2000 9'(h) x 9' (w) x 9' (d), Castings are in editions of five.   3. ACCEPTANCE OF SORROW, 1999 Bronze - 7’ (h) x 7’(w) x 5’(d), Castings are in editions of five.   4. DANCE OF LIFE, 1995 Bronze – 9’(h) x 5’(w) x 5’(d), Castings are in editions of five.   5. DEATH’S SISTER, 2001 Bronze - 6.5' (h) x 6.5 (w) x 8' (d), An edition of five.   6. DOUBLE DREAM, 1993 Bronze – 6.5’(h) x 6’(w) x 5.5' (d), Castings are in editions of five.   7. LIFE / DEATH / LIFE, 1994 Bronze – 2’(h) x 7’(w) x 4’(d), Castings are in editions of five.   8. NEWSBRINGER, l992 Bronze 3.5'(h) x 2’(w) x 3.5’(d), Castings are in editions of five.


























WILL THERE BE A PLACE FOR ME? The Goddess of Cycles is reborn as Virgin. She is growth, anticipation, and youthfulness about to spring from between the young horns of Nature itself, bringing her fruitfulness, a body filled with flowers, out into the world. Has our consciousness made a place of welcome for her? She brings with her creative possibility and the answers to how to live in a meaningful relationship to Nature.She can teach us if we will ask the right questions and listen. Will there be a place for her?


TRINITY: Skeletons of plant, animal, and human, Related by structure, related by need, Mutually dependent upon one another. For life itself. Have we the capacity to honor this need, To allow the plants and animals their own required realm, Which humans do not impinge upon? Or will we only consider human needs, Invade their respective spaces, Leaving only the skeletal remains of this vital trinity of dependence As a record of our folly.


ACCEPTANCE OF SORROW: She stands grieving, Reflected in the water of her tears.Her fingers have grown into Nature Herself, The green ferns of the woods now protect her. The fish fin pool contains her. Upon this reflection she stands strong,  In full acceptance of her sorrow, One of the many threads of all life.


DEATH’S SISTER: The stump has burned from one side a living branch is growing. Life and Death are joined.Within and protected the figure rests. She is content within her the opposites are joined Death’s Sister is Life.


DANCE OF LIFE: The women who voluntarily journey into the inner labyrinth will discover,and can release joyous instinctual masculinity. Willingly encountered by the female, the masculine no longer needs to hide in shame, but shines with his true power when joined with her. Together they are the spontaneous Dance Of Life from which all creativity springs. The internally integrated masculine and feminine spirit in us all dance the world into being.


DOUBLE DREAM: A psychic state in dream time. The young male and female dressed in fresh seaweed and iris leaves are the internal masculine and feminine aspects of the larger figures. It is they who know about soul meeting, whereas the larger figures seem unaware of this internal knowing and walk away. Their leaves and weeds are course and withered and cannot be refreshed unless they look back and within. They stand reflected in a pool of consciousness, yet they are unreflecting. Their inner figures know, wait and reach for one another -a tension unresolved.


LIFE / DEATH / LIFE: She is the Goddess of Nature’s Cycles. She knows that death feeds life, that all food is a willing death giving life to all that needs nourishment. She gives herself back to Nature as food for the others to come and is sheltered by the antlers of Nature while she rests.Her glowing bones are the indestructible life force, quietly waiting to be reborn into the Maiden Goddess who waits below her. And so it goes around and around, Life, then Death, then Life.


NEWSBRINGER: She is instinctual womanhood striding out of the ancient woods, holding her integrated masculinity which bears her news. She reminds us that being female is not her definition of womanhood. Ancient womanhood is related to the male as her internal partner and is wise in the ways of nature, instinct and creativity. She brings this news of ancestral motherlines into the 20th Century and because she does so,wears the slipper of the heroine. Her feet are connected to the heart of the earth, and she is open to the winds of the world. It is her body and bone which know. She needs no head; the planet is her heart.