medial 1. art biennial [2005]




1.   HOT HOUSES, US$ 6,000. 2.   HOT HOUSES, US$ 6,000. 3.   Cold Houses, US$ 6,000. 4.   Cold Houses, US$ 6,000. 5.   Breaking Glass House, US$ 6,000. 6.   Breaking Glass House, US$ 6,000.




















PLACES   The question of what is ‘PLACE’ has been thrown into the air like scattered chips waiting for the moment to see the aftermath of a fallen image.   The team sometimes uses technology to create ephemeral or phenomenon based spaces in order to procure new definitions that can describe possible meanings of 'PLACE'.  While some architects and artists give description to locations by altering and/or twisting perceptions that are commonly associated with the given site, I choose to see “PLACE” structured as flexible conduits that feed an array of transitional spaces. Rather than attempting to designate locations within a place, my challenge is to fabricate seamless transitions. I often employ Phenomenology, Incoherence, Fantasy Is Real, No Place Is Place, and Ideas To Nowhere while carving places to live that abandon the inert in favor of seamless schemes that engage continual redefinition.

The following are four different installations. Each project comprises the construction of 6ft. x 8ft. x 7ft2” tall shatterproof glass houses.  The structures house a “place” and reflect the collaboration of ideas intrinsic in Art, Architecture and sometimes Sound. There is an increasing need to reformat our environments to reflect current diverse life styles.  These “places” are built to expose environments that readily accommodate change.

HOT HOUSES   Hot Houses heat until walls sweat and eventually emit steam resonating with the sounds of heat generators and the amplification of water beads as they slide in process down the ceiling and walls in journey to reach the floor.
Cold Houses
   Cold Houses maintain walls in the act of freezing until shedding ice. A sound score is heard programming frequencies that reflect temperature changes.

Breaking Glass House   Breaking Glass House A simulated space that questions whether reality is fiction.  An environment created with 3d projections.  A glass house appearing to shatter and reconstruct as people walk by.

KIOSK   Reflects quotes from a myriad of artists, Architects, and performers that were mined from art Historical & contemporary  excavations. Exhibited initially at the Center for Architecture, AIA New York City chapter.    

Each prefabricated unit can be installed and taken apart in three hours. The aluminum sections are easily constructed and are ready to host any of the proposed safety glass or prefabricated lenticular panels.