medial 2. art biennial [2007]
  Meir Salomon Israel



1. rododendron, oil on canvas 100x150 cm.      2. composition 138,oil on canvas 70x138  cm.     3. navuv, oil on canvas 24x78cm.      4. street, oil on canvas.      5. finger, oil on canvas.      6. fist, oil on canvas

















CURRICULUM VITAE: 1947 Born in Jerusalem, Israel. 1968 - 1970 Study at Avni Studio, Tel-Aviv, Israel. 1970 - 1975 Study at Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 1975 - 1982 Member of the Dutch Union of Visual Artists (BBK). 1978 - 1984 Member of the artist organization KVH&O, The Netherlands. 1984 - 1988 Member of the artist organization KZOD, The Netherlands. 2006 - Member of the professional organization IMPACT, Israel. 1987 - Painting award, Roeselaar, Belgium. 1998 - Painting award, trienale of Amstelveen, The Netherlands.1992 - Working at the garden of Monet in Giverny, France. 1994 – Working three month at the “yellow House” in the Provance, France (belong to Kroller Muller Museum) SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 1974 Gallery De Pook, Hengelo, Holland. Gallery Waldorf, Antwerpen, Belgie. 1977 Raadhuis-zolder, Weesp, Holland, Art hall of Wasa, Finland. Gallery Safrai, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1978 Gallery De Sfinx, Amsterdam, Holland. Gallery Gammelstrand, Copenhageb, Denmark. 1979 Donelly Vierhand, Haarlem,Holland. 1980 Deus Adjutor, Hoorn, Holland. 1984 Boterhal, Hoorn, Holland. Gallery Mokum, Amsterdam, Holland. Noord-Holland-Huis, Alkmaar, Holland. 1985 Van Putten, Zwanenburg, Holland. P.O.C. Eindhoven, Holland. 1988 I. Gallery Linka, Amsterdam, Holland. Cultuurhistorisch Museum, Valkenswaard, Holland. 1989 Gallery DE Pimpernel, Hoofddorp, Holland, 1993 Gallery Extreme, wildervank, Holland. 1994 I. Gallery Linka, Amsterdam, Holland. 1995 City Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark. 1995 Synagoge, Tilburg, Holland. 2000 City Hall Berlin, Germany. 2002 Amstelle, Amstelveen, Holland. SELECTION OF GROUP-EXHIBITIONS: 1973 I. Gallery Linka, Amsterdam, Holland. Stadsschouwburg, Arnhem, Holland. 1974 Gallery Edison, Den-Haag, Holland. Gallery Husstege, Haaren, Holland. Gallery Diligentia, Amsterdam, Holland. 1975 Museum Fodor, Amsterdam, Holland. 1976 Rijksmuseum Vincent Van Gogh, Amsterdam, Holland. Museum Fodor, Amsterdam, Holland. Gemeentehuis, St. Annaparochie, Holland. Schouwburg, Enschede, Holland. 1977 De Beyerd, Breda, Holland. Gallery Ploemp, Delft, Holland. Kasteel Wychen, Wychen, Holland. Gemeentehuis, Prinsenbeek, Holland. Gemeentehuis, Best, Holland. Gemeentehuis, Haaksbergen, Holland. 1978 I. Gallery Linka, Amsterdam, Holland. 1980 Job-Art Museumboerderij, Schellinkhout, Holland. Sheraton Hotel, Schiphol, Holland. 1981 I. Gallery Linka, Amsterdam, Holland. 1982 Boterhal, Hoorn, Holland. De Hagen, Almelo, Holland. 1983 De Boterhal, Hoorn, Holland. 1984 Frans Hals Museum-De Vleeshal, Haarlem, Holland. Arti et Amicitiae, Den Haag, Holland. 1986 Gallery Passadena, Den Haag, Holland. 1987 Gallery Mokum, Amsterdam, Holland. 1989 I. Gallery Linka, Amsterdam, Holland. 1993 I. Gallery Linka, Amsterdam, Holland. 1994 Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag, Holland. 1996 Amstelle, Amstelveen, Holland. 1997 CoBrA Museum, Amstelveen, Holland. 1998 Amstelle, Amstelveen, Holland. I. Gallery Linka, Amsterdam, Holland. 1999 Amstelle, Amstelveen, Holland. 2000 CoBrA Museum, Amstelveen, Holland. 2002 Amstelle, Amstelveen, Holland. 2003 CoBrA Museum, Amstelveen, Holland. Gallery Donkersvoort, Beeks-aan-Berg, Holland. 2004 Amstelle, Amstelveen, Holland. 2005 oudekerk, Internationaal-Artists, Amsterdam, Holland. Amstelle, Amstelveen, Holland